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Point Lift Device takes just five minutes to do all the skin tightening and moisturizing that you need! Ordinarily beauty devices have to switch to different modes or settings to offer tightening and moisturizing functions, but this does it all at the same time. It harnesses eight-point "deep focus technology," which tightens up muscles and restores a youthful complexion. Ion power delivers the moisturizing effects that help keep dry skin at bay. Every ten seconds, a buzzer sounds, telling you to move to the next area of your face. It includes a cap cover, so you can keep it clean and take it everywhere with you to ensure your skin is well maintained each day even when you are traveling.


Product Code: EP-15W

Product Name: WAVY


EMS: 5 levels

8-point deep focus technology

For facial care (lifting and moisturizing at the same time)

Dimensions: approx. 47 x 33 x 175 mm (1.8 x 1.2 x 6.8")

Weight: approx. 125 g (4.4 oz) (including cap)

5 minutes per session

Charging time: approx. 3 hours

Power: DC5V, 0.5A

Power consumption: about 2W

Country of origin: JAPAN

Kit Include

・Point Lift Device with travel cap

・AC adapter


8 points Deep Focus Technology

An electrode structure with an 8-pole "point" electrode arranged on the head. With Yaman's new beauty technology that gives EMS while rotating, facial muscles composed of more than 30 types are approached from various angles in a multifaceted and concentrated manner. Careful care will be taken from the back of the skin for any worrisomeness.

EMS and ION care at same time

At the same time as EMS output, the ion introduction is output from the central ion electrode. It is now possible to perform these two outputs at the same time, which were previously performed alternately. In addition, the introduction of W by the originally developed current "moisture pulse * 3" is realized. By incorporating a waveform that can theoretically be expected to have a moisturizing effect, we have achieved unprecedented immediate effect and efficiency.


How to Use

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