Zoom Flawless Serum HYDRATING

Flawless Serum HYDRATING


A beauty essence gel that gives skin firmness along with deep and long lasting moisture. Contains rich amounts of firming and elasticity ingredients including retinol palmitate, which keeps skin healthy. This product stays on the surface of the skin longer to maintain its moisture with its dense texture. This product includes RF support ingredients* to enable you to use beauty devices even more effectively.

*Provides moisture to the skin


Product Code: CS21004(80G/2.82 oz) / CS21005(200G/7.0oz)

Product Name: Flawless Serum HYDRATING


Firmimng, Elasticity,Moisturizing,Skin Tightening and RF faicial Care Device Suppport

Weight: approx. 80g or 200g

Country of Origin: JAPAN

How to Use

Take an appropriate amount in your hand and rub it into the skin.
When using the product together with a beauty device, be sure to read the User’s Manual carefully.


Flawless Serum HYDRATING