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Circle Peeling Pro


3 in 1 Ultrasonic Facial Cleansing Device

Exfoliation + Deep Cleansing + Skin Toning

Circle Peeling Pro is a weekly facial cleansing system. Our facial device
pulsates an impressive 90,000 times per second, effectively removing dead skin, dirt, oil and pollutants from your face.
Reveal smooth, healthy and glowing skin right at your fingertips.



Reveal smooth, healthy and glowing skin with 3 simple treatment steps.


Product Code: EDS-30

Product Name: Circle Peeling Pro

Technology: Ultrasonic, Ion Cleansing, Iontophoresis

Recommended usage: Once a week

Size: W43 × D40 × H169 (mm)

Weight: approx.150g

Country of Origin: JAPAN


・Circle Peeling Pro Device
・USB Charging Cable

How to Use


Cleanses skin surface

Gently exfoliate dead skin cells on the skin surface, removing dirt from pores with ultrasonic micro vibration and Ion Cleansing at 90,000 times/sec.

Cleanses pores

Attacks dead skin cells and stubborn dirt in pores. In addition, the power of ions, unclog pores by pulling out the dirt.

Tightens pores

Moisturize and give your skin a micro vibration massage. Minimizes the appearance of pores.


How to Use

Circle Peeling Pro