Zoom Bloom WR (ACE)
Zoom Bloom WR (ACE)

Bloom WR (ACE)

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For improving skin elasticity.
RF + EMS + LED delivers lifting care in just 6-minutes!

Our independent Quadruple Circle technology*, continues to evolve. We have created an easier and more efficient lifting device by combining both RF and EMP output on the same screen. Bloom WR cares for facial muscles while warming your skin. The device provides a warm sensation and muscle stimulation evenly and deeply over a wide area while improving skin elacticity.

*Patent acquisition number: 6212608


Product Code: S12YL

Product Name: Bloom WR

Technology: RF, EMS, LED Red Light

Recommended usage: 2-3 times per week

Size: W46 × D47 × H173 (mm)

Weight: approx. 175g

Country of Origin: JAPAN


・Bloom WR Device

・AC adapter with USB Type-C Cable

・Japanese User Manual ( downloadable English User Manual) 


Evolved Quadruple Circle technology

Supreme technologies for anti-aging are are all incorporated on one screen. A new technology that enables simultaneous output of light, electricy, and heat- developed independently by YA-MAN.

Dual Boost RF

The device is equipped with our newly developed "Dual Boost RF," which boosts the skin’s heat-transfer efficiency over that of the previous product*.


Complex Flexible EMS Wave

We have developed “Complex Flexible EMS Wave,” which reduces the itchy irritation that EMS devices tend to cause. Thus, facial muscles only receive gentle stimulation.

Approximately three times the light energy output when compared to the previous product*.


Bloom WR (ACE)

US$405.00 Regular price US$665.00