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Achieve toned and firmer skin with Wavy Mini, a hand held device designed for the face, that combines both LIFT WAVE EMS and Micro-current.


Go beyond 3D with our 4D technology. Wavy Mini will imitate the precise kneading motion along with the perfect pressure of a professional aesthetician massage, which will help tighten and tone the look of your skin.

- EMS (High Frequency) 22KHZ
- Micro-current
- 4D Roller OR Tornado Roller (4D)
- Patent licensed (Patent No. 5490968)
- Waterproof
- Treats eye area with Micro-current Mode +2


Product Code: EP-16W

Product Name: WAVY MINI

Technology: EMS, Micro-Current

Recommended usage:
- Power OFF:
approx. 10 minutes per face part, up to 3 times per day.
- Power ON: approx. 10 minutes per face part, up to 2-3 times per day.

Size: W58 × D45 × H145 (mm)

Weight: approx. 70g

Country of Origin: JAPAN



・Charging Stand

・AC adapter

How to Use


Stimulates the technique of a professional aesthetician's massage.

Our patent licensed roller imitates the kneading motion of the hands from a professional aesthetician's massage.
This technology is combined with a unique wave pattern LIFT WAVE to create our original "LIFT WAVE SYSTEM" Patent No. 5490968

LIFT WAVE patent technology

LIFT WAVE delivers a unique wave pattern which radiates a wider range of frequencies and stimulates muscles deeply and effectively.

EMS Low Frequency is used to effectively stimulating muscles.
EMS High Frequency is used to stimulate deeper within the muscles.

Facial treatment with 2 mode settings

Comfortable stimulation and exercise that mimics your facial muscles.
Treat your skin with "micro-current"*
*Gentle stimulation

Product CG video

How to Use

WAVY mini

US$135.00 Regular price US$225.00