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Medi Lift PLUS


Just wear the mask 10 minutes a day*
and receive the lifting benefits.

Medical silicone mask equipped with Electrical Muscle Stimulation (EMS).
'Facial coverage’, 'EMS’, 'Lifting care',
New version with updated functions.

*Operating time.


Product Code: EPM-18BB

Product Name: Medi Lift PLUS

Technology: EMS

Recommended usage: 10 miutes a day


Silicone mask: approx. W615 × H170 mm
Controller: approx. W90 × H55 × D20mm


Silicone mask+Controller: approx. 176g

Country of Origin: JAPAN


・Silicon Mask and 2 controllers

・AC adapter, USB charging cable

How to Use


Care for your lower face muscles can lead to a more youthful look

If body muscles are not used they become weak and can cause the skin to sag. This also is true for our facial muscles. As we age, our expressions can look harsher and by taking the proper "care" you can achieve a softer and more youthful look.

EMS combined with customized electrode configurations effectively addresses Lifting Care*1.

When trying to exercise all the facial muscles at once might have a negative effect on your care for aging.*2 . Medi Lift PLUS automatically outputs the waveform which is appropriate for the part of the face being treated, effectively caring for sagging skin.

*1: Physically lifts and cares for your skin by wearing a beauty device.
*2: An age appropriate care.

Three evolutions of
the 3D Wearable EMS facial beauty device

1. Evolution of facial coverage

Widely covers the face contours from the lower jaw. It will target a wider areas of facial concerns.

2. Evolution of ease

Fit the mask simply at the top of the head with just one touch. It becomes even easier for anyone to put on the mask.

3. Evolution of EMS

EMS levels, frequencies, and the electrode areas have been improved. Medi Lift Plus stimulates the facial muscles "even more", exercising those muscles that need to move and "relax" those that need to rest.

User sensation level is 30% higher

EMS sensation is greater than that of conventional devices. Facial muscles can move more, providing a greater degree of satisfaction.

By preventing concentrations of localized heat, the device achieves a higher ouput ensuring the effectiveness.


Condition the skin with lotion.

Match the positions of the eye area, nose, and mouth on the silicon mask to your face.

Pull securing bands 1 and 2 diagonally upwards, covering your ears, and fix the mask firmly in place using the fastener.

Medi Lift PLUS